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Start with your Oral health & Body hygiene!

Oral and Body care has always been a greatest value to us. This is why we have spent ages in developing innovative products and cosmetics that make our clients perfectly happy and satisfied. RJ1® is a solution for those who put their health lifestyle at priority first.

What Do
We Do?

We specialized in producing and promoting oral and body care products of the highest quality. We are based in Poland, yet we are expanding fast and our goal is to be present in most of the European countries & rest of the world. We have years of experience in developing high-quality oral and body care products for domestic and international markets.

We cooperate with internationally known European cosmetic companies. If possible, we use natural ingredients and we never test our products on animals. Quality is key when it comes to our customer satisfaction.

Healthy Lifestyle
Oral & Body Hygiene

Why to Choose Our Products & Services?

Our experience, as well as the direction we’ve been heading towards, make us consider ourselves as a trustworthy partner for our clients. Furthermore, commitment, efficiency, clarity and customer satisfaction are always been our bone standards. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


We only work with the best experts in the field of oral and body care cosmetics.

Innovation & Development

We have been constantly developing our products. The innovative formulas and the highest standards make us believe, that when it comes to the dental and cosmetic industry, we are pioneers. This is why are growing to be on top of being a producer, as well we are always focusing on promoting dental and cosmetic education.

“Because We Are Always Responsible”