“We’re here Because of YOU & YOU are Awesome”

About Us

We are RJ1® – a new, rapidly developing trademark offering the very best of oral and body care products. Our company had been established in 2018 at the capital of Poland – Warszawa. Since then, we’ve been gradually expanding. We’re still based in Poland, but we’ve been growing to be present in most of the European countries.

It all started with the company owner himself. As a dentist with over 13 years of experience, he has had a significant impact on dental and oral care industry. The idea of bringing RJ1® to life came naturally, along with the need of promoting awareness in the field of public health, as well the oral and body care.

RJ1® is a producer, supplier and exporter of cosmetic products. Our business model is mainly the brand of (You & You.®), as well providing services about OEM/ODM businesses which means we do our best to create a product to your company and sells under your specifications. We believe in customization. This is why the products you order are fully unique. You may be sure no one else has the very same offering. We customize the ingredients and the packaging, particularly up on to your requirements.

On top of being a producer, we also work to promote dental care awareness. We are a partner for many educational programs. Among the others, we spread knowledge and good habits at the primary schools and universities level.

Our vision

From the very beginning, our vission has been to become a leader in this particular industry. We have been working hard to mark our presence on international markets. And so far the strategy we chose has been worked successfully. We are now one of the growing producers of oral and body care cosmetics, and we definitely willing for more.

No matter the circumstances and market changes, our vission stays the same. We want to provide our customers with high-quality products and in consequence promote oral and body care hygiene. We believe in ecology. This is why all the products we sell are thoroughly tested. But we never test them on animals.

“Made for YOU & YOU Deserve it


We have always desired to develop and produce high-quality oral care products and at the same time become an industry leader who would promote dental care awareness in all European countries. We believe and listen to the people. All employees we’ve been hiring are professionals with thorough knowledge and extensive experience. Also, we put fair trade first – we only cooperate with trusted partners and professional sub-contractors.

Our mission is to deliver the best health solutions to people in different parts of the world. Our dream is to provide people with confidence coming with their smile and overall health style condition.

The Natural friendly environment is also something we always take care of. We cooperate with various global institutions and public companies to develop international research & educational programs.

“Your Happiness & Smile is Our goal”

Quality Assurance

When it comes to health, quality is crucial. If we want to change the world, taking care of our customers’ health is the very first step. This is why each and every stage of our product development is carefully tested many times. All the products we sell meet highest European Standards.

We never run any tests on animals. Our products are 100% cruelty-free, you can be highly sure that our cosmetics are super eco-friendly. We only use pure, well-known sources of the raw materials, with natural and biocompatible ingredients.

“What’s Inside Always is a Question!”

Moreover, we try to make the most out of recycling. We keep the ‘zero waste’ idea close to our hearts – e.g. our toothpaste tube is made of recyclable plastic.

We Cooperate with a highly professional recycler in Europe, to recycle our tubes and bottles, for us is consider the least actions we can take in order to save our beautiful planets, let us all together work now on minimize the pollution, and protect our resources for ourselves, and for our coming generations.

All our products are manufactured and certified with accredited Good manufacturing practice ISO22716. This system assures that our products are consistently produced and controlled accordingly to quality standards. 

“Because We Constantly Care”

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