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When it comes to retail sales sectors in Europe, the cosmetic industry is definitely the largest. It’s estimated to have a value of EUR 77.6 billion (data from 2017). Around EUR 11 billion comes from the production of cosmetics and around EUR 18 billion indirectly – by the supply chain.

As one of the most innovative producers in East Europe, we put our efforts in ODM/OEM Private Labeling. This area is exceptionally lucrative for both the producer and dealer involved.

How does it work? Our clients, in addition to high-quality products, buy an exclusive right to sell the products under their name and brand (We make your business more secure). Our consignees are provided with a fully unique, specific branding of their choice. They choose the products and trademark registration. After the product hits the market, RJ1® will take it under protection for 10 years as our aim is to establish long-term cooperation with our business partners. After the trademark expires, the consignee has the freedom whether they want to renew the registration or not.

If you are interested in cooperation for ODM/OEM, Private Labeling for cosmetic body care, oral care and medical devices products, just let us know. We also provide consulting services that satisfy your demands.

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